Saturday, January 28, 2017

Klondike at Maple Dell Jan 27-28, 2017

Attending: Jon, Beckett, Daniel, Clay, Ryan B, Ryan L, Matt, Teigan, Daxton, Steven, James, Joshua, Christian, Bridger; Advisors: Len, Brett, James, Barry

We braved a 10-degree night to wish Jon a happy 13th birthday. We camp in "condo" 10-men tents at Cherokee campsite and carved out an awesome sledding run after our mass-gathering campfire program.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Antelope Island Campout  Nov 4 & 5, 2016
Bridger, Josh, James, Matt, Steven, Beckett, Ryan and new quorum member Daniel Knudsen and leaders Brunsdale and Bartholomew attended.
We arrived, drove by the bison, then set up camp at the primitive sites along White Rock Bay.
As the sun set, we walked toward the lake over the 1/2 mile-long beach when tossing the Frisbee and football.
After the sun set, we returned to camp, cooked and ate hamburgers, and enjoyed an evening program around the campfire.
We awoke early Saturday morning, ate pancakes and sausage around the fire, completed our AM program, then hiked up to the top of Buffalo Point where we played capture the flag and hunger games with foam swords hiding about in the boulder field.
We returned to camp, packed up, headed over to the marina, and launched our canoes into the Great Salt Lake. We paddled over to the first bridge along the causeway to the island and soon realized that there are actually rapids on the lake under the bridge where water from the east side flows into the north. We took it upon ourselves to attempt to paddle up the rapids then enjoy a triumphant run back down them. On our way back, several of us  jumped into the "not-so-warm" lake and enjoyed the feeling of floating calmly atop salt water. A couple of youth even found a way to walk on the salty water.